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Callister, T. (April 10, 2018). Louisiana Has Kept 1,300 People Behind Bars For 4 Years Without Trial. Carbonated.TV

Callister, T. (April 10, 2018). 19-Year-Old Man Arrested After Pretending To Be A Doctor. Carbonated.TV

Callister, T. (March 29, 2018). Man Saves Missing Teen After Noticing Her Picture On Snapchat. Carbonated.TV

Callister, T. (2018, April 12). Reddit CEO Says Racism Is Permitted On Platform But 'Not Welcome.' Carbonated. TV. 

Callister, T. (2018, March 29) 'Crime Scene' Tagged Across Trump's DC Hotel. Carbonated.TV

Callister, T. (2007, December 4). Russian Company Buys LiveJournal. SF Weekly

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