News Reporting 

Straightforward facts.  

Callister, T. (April 10, 2018). Louisiana Has Kept 1,300 People Behind Bars For 4 Years Without Trial. Carbonated.TV

Callister, T. (April 10, 2018). 19-Year-Old Man Arrested After Pretending To Be A Doctor. Carbonated.TV

Callister, T. (March 29, 2018). Man Saves Missing Teen After Noticing Her Picture On Snapchat. Carbonated.TV


News Analysis

News stories with a strong subjective voice. 

Callister, T. (2018, April 6). Sandberg Admits Facebook's Business Model 'Depends On Your Data.' Carbonated.TV.

Callister, T. (2018, April 13). A Charred House In The SF Bay Area Is Actually Selling For $800,000. Carbonated.TV. 

Callister, T. (2018, April 13). Seahawks Pass On Colin Kaepernick Because He Won't Stand For Anthem. Carbonated.TV. 



Editorial analysis on current events. 

Callister, T. (2018, February 6). Don't Make Mass Shooters Famous. THE LATEST. 

Callister, T. (2017, June 22). Is America Divided? THE LATEST. 

Callister, T. (2017, December 21). Make America Sane Again. THE LATEST. 

Callister, T. (2017, November 25). Americans Agree on Many, if Not Most, Issues. THE LATEST.