Writing Samples: Business / Finance 

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Callister, T. (April 17, 2018). Dick's Sporting Goods Will Dismantle All Of Its Unsold Assault Rifles. Carbonated.TV

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Callister, T. (2018, April 13). Seahawks Pass On Colin Kaepernick Because He Won't Stand For Anthem. Carbonated.TV. 

Callister, T. (2018, April 12). Reddit CEO Says Racism Is Permitted On Platform But 'Not Welcome.' Carbonated. TV. 

Callister, T. (2018, April 5). Woman Gets Charged $420 To House-Sit For Friends. Carbonated.TV

Callister, T. (2018, April 4). Did Trump Meet With Oracle CEO To Sabotage Amazon Deal? Carbonated.TV. 

Callister, T. (2018, March 28). Immigration Fears Might Be Driving Tech Workers From US To Canada. Carbonated.TV

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