Why meditate?

Jan. 20, 2016


It is now well established that meditation is good for you, in almost every sense of the word, on almost all levels of human health and vitality. The scroll of benefits keeps unraveling as scientists from diverse fields continue to study this ancient practice—in brain imaging laboratoriesin hospitals, in classrooms, in workplaces, and in the everyday lives of normal people.

But the most elegant and numinous of reasons for taking the great seeker’s journey of meditation is this: It deepens our capacity for compassion. A wellspring of care—for yourself as much as for others—flows in your nature, and meditation is simply a means of eroding the concrete dam that holds back the rush of benevolent potential within. Spiritual practice is a means of stress relief, yes, but it is also an incremental and daring commitment, and an inner voice that whispers, I can be a better person

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