“Why am I doing this?”

If you’re always asking why, then you’re spending a lot of time in your head overthinking. 

Many times in life we fail to be really present with an activity that could have been fun or fulfilling, just because we’re wrapped up in questions about why we’re doing it. 

It’s possible to be literally sitting at a bar on a sunny day with your friends and asking yourself, 

“Is this productive?” 

“Don’t I have other things I’m ‘supposed’ to be doing right now?” 

In these moments you may find yourself secretly guilty and miserable, because you’re wondering if there is something more “important” to do—that client to call, that bill to pay, that ladder to climb. But that is a waste of time, to be thinking about other things instead of just being grateful for what you have in that moment—good friends, tasty beer, a sunny day… you know, the Present Moment. If you always ask why, sometimes you fail to just Be. 

So why do we do things? Sometimes the answer is: For its own sake. 

Everything is its own reward…