The strangeness of thoughts

Most people will go their entire lives pretty much never noticing this fact: We are lost in thought at just about every moment.

And we rarely stop to notice how strange this is. Almost everything we do in life has a constant background noise, a dialogue going on in our head. And what’s most odd is that often the dialogue has nothing to do with what’s actually going on in that moment.

You can be at a coffee shop talking to a friend about politics while simultaneously wondering, Should I get a haircut? You can be having a serious conversation with your boss about your performance at work and be internally wondering, Should I be a sexy nurse or a banana for Halloween? And you can be changing your baby’s poopy diaper while simultaneously wondering, What am I gonna have for dinner?

No doubt you have had thoughts emerge in your mind that are even stranger than this, in even more incongruous situations. And if you were saying these things out loud in these moments, people might think you’re crazy.

But again, the strangest thing about it is that we rarely notice how strange this is.