The strange dream of Facebook

“Thus shall ye think of this fleeting world: A star at dawn, a bubble in a stream; A flash of lightning in a summer cloud; A flickering lamp, a phantom, and a dream.” – Buddha 

I recently had to block myself from Facebook while at work. It just got too easy to get lost in. 

I would sit down at the computer, open the browser, and automatically type f-a-c… and it would fill in the rest. Next thing I know, I’m mindlessly browsing ads and celebrity news and cat videos and selfies. 

We do so many things like this. Just automatic habits. Little blackholes we let ourselves get sucked down. Like grasping and flailing in a dream. 

In a way, the goal of mindfulness is to wake up from that dream. The constant daydream of projection and rumination, worrying and wondering about the past or the future, and the mindless staring at flickering images on a screen. 

Mindfulness meditation trains you, amongst many other things, to wake up.