People want relief

   People want relief.

       From the distraction.

                 The iPhones.

                  They don’t even know they want it.

                 But they do.

                 The shallow work of receiving e-mails, and responding.

                  The dull, cow-eyed staring at Instagram.

                  Business as usual.

                 It’s not a technology problem.

                   It’s a human one.

                 We want something interesting.

                 But all we get is stimulation.

                    Like a finger

                   tickling the back of our neck

                   until the skin is raw.

                 What does technology want?

                  I don’t think it wants more bovine people

                 Staring at screens,  

                chewing grass,

                 failing to create.

                  It wants us to be our best selves

                 Because it is us.

Where will we place our attention today?

                 On the virtual world,

or the real one?