One simple reason

I’m really tired tonight. In a good way.

We went to the pumpkin patch with our son Nolan today. He looked so cute in his little frog costume. We visited the goats and looked at all the funny halloween displays. He’s only seven months old, so he couldn’t quite do all the activities the other kids were doing—riding the ponies or eating popcorn. But we enjoyed it anyway. We took lot’s of pictures—holding him up next to all kinds of scarecrows and pumpkins and happy halloween signs and wheelbarrows and old wagons covered in hay.

Last year, my wife and I went to that same pumpkin patch. I hated it. She was pregnant, and all I remember noticing was the hysteria of children on the loose. It was hot, crowded and dusty. It took an hour of traffic to get there. All I saw were crowds of unmanaged children running everywhere, and sweaty, exhausted parents. I couldn’t wait to leave.

So what was different about this year? Why did I enjoy it more? Was it the fact that I got to bring my son this time? Was it a little less hot? Were the unmanaged kids just a little less annoying? Were the goats more friendly?

It would be easy to pick one or all of those. But the truth is it’s none of them. I enjoyed it more this year for one simple reason: 

I was more Present