Noticing tiny moments

An unexpected amount of joy lies in the tiniest things. Usually in things we do everyday, and take for granted, and tell ourselves, “Yeah, I know I’m supposed to appreciate that now, but… I have all these ‘big’ things in my life I’m dealing with—that I have to think about.”

The problem is we keep telling ourselves this. We’ll slow down and appreciate the little things later… because we have so many ‘big’ things going on right now. But somehow, weeks and months go by, and we realize that we never stopped to notice. We never pushed the breaks. 

“I need a vacation,“ we say.

But we don’t have to take a vacation in order to slow down.

If we look closely, we’ll see that there are lot’s of little vacations sprinkled throughout our daily life. And I’m not talking about watching TV or hanging out with your friends. I’m talking about things even tinier, like this: 

1. The first sip of your morning cup of coffee 

It’s always the best one, isn’t it? Make sure you notice. 

In one single sip, you can notice the warm and earthy coffee from the moment it first hits your lips, to the satisfying feeling of swallowing, to the tingling aftertaste still dancing on your tongue. 

Take in your surroundings at that moment too: the soft morning light coming in through the window, the sounds of other people in the house waking up and making coffee and running the shower. The serenity of noticing. 

2. The moment you first step outside. 

You’ve put on your clothes, had your coffee and breakfast, gotten your things together, and now you step out into the fresh air. Take stock of what you see. 

Neighbors getting into their cars. Businesses opening up shop. Birds chirping. The world is waking up. 

3. Listening to music 

Tune in to what moves you in the most positive direction. Listen to music that balances you out, and keeps you from falling into any one extreme. For example: If you’re too revved up, try classical; if you’re too low energy, try rock or pop music. 

Rather than letting it become background noise, see if you can take a few moments to just pause and deeply listen to the euphonious sounds washing over you. Notice any thoughts or emotions it inspires in you. 

4. Laying in bed before sleep  

This is a wonderful time to notice your body: Feelings of tingling, or pressure, or lightness. Your eyelids getting heavier. The way the bedsheets first feel cool against your skin, then slowly warm up and get more snuggly. The way your breath moves your chest up and down in a gentle rhythm. Even notice any soreness you may have from the day’s activities, such as in your back or neck. See if you can relax into the sea of sensation. 

And many others… 

Notice what your tiny moments are throughout the day.