For Answers, Look Within

Jan. 27, 2016


Delve into your own mind and you will unearth greater philosophies than all the books in the world, discover deeper insights than millennia of human intellect, and integrate more actionable wisdom than could be gleaned from the finest gurus and contemplatives of time past. The tranquility to be found within your own heart is nobler and higher than any god, vaster than space itself, and holds more proof of your existence than any manmade dogma. In truth, when you expend enough time and effort looking within, you will find nothing but mirrors of immersive love and wisdom reflecting back at you. This is the aim of any genuine spiritual practice: to realize in a single breath that you already hold the answers. 

Suggested ways of looking within: 

Mindfulness Meditation 

Happiness is an Inside Job by Sylvia Boorstein

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