Everything is okay

My boss came into my office today and told me that he just had a colonoscopy. 

He said that he had to drink something that “cleaned him out” beforehand. I told him that it didn’t sound pleasant. 

He said, “Yeah, it’s not pleasant. But it’s done now, and everything is okay.” 

“Yeah, that’s good,” I said. 

It struck me how casually he brought up the topic. And that he seemed so contented to hear that he doesn’t have colorectal cancer, which is common in men his age. He seemed genuinely grateful to utter the words, “Everything is okay.” 

I once read an article that said older people are more grateful for life than younger people are. I hope that’s true. And I hope that I can tap into some of that gratitude long before I’m old. 

As young people, we tend to go through life like some emergency is happening—”I have to get this thing, accomplish this task, plan for this occurrence”— and we forget how often we get to say, “Everything is okay.”