Being in the Now

Here’s one reason that I know meditation and mindfulness are a good idea:

We’ve all had the experience of being somewhere while not really being there. Sure, we showed up to the party, but mentally and emotionally we were somewhere else.

The great tragedy of living of a comfortable life is that it’s possible to be doing something that you know you should be enjoying, and not enjoy it.

You go out to the movies with your friends, but you had a bad day at work, so it sullies an otherwise enjoyable time. You’re at a restaurant with your family, but you spend most of the time on your phone texting frantically to your colleague about some minor problem at work. It’s Christmas morning, but you didn’t get exactly what you wanted from Santa, or you’re having a petty argument with your siblings, so you don’t really enjoy the time spent with friends and family.

Everything we do, every little time we spend with ourselves and our loved ones and even strangers, is a breath to be taken and savored. One day, we’ll have taken our last. If we’re not enjoying something that should be enjoyable, it’s a tragic mistake. 

We want to make sure that we’re really living our real lives when we’re together. Not letting our minds constantly transport us somewhere else—to some big problem our mind is creating. 

This insight seems especially poignant to me during the holiday season. I only hope I can live up to this timeless wisdom, and embrace the beauty of family and togetherness that my heart aches for. 

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