Are you your thoughts?

From the moment you get out of bed in the morning to the moment you go to sleep, there is a little voice singing away inside your head.

I’m not talking about the “voices” in your head, like a hallucination. I’m talking about that internal voice that you call “you.” The thoughts that you have. They’re always there.

Most people don’t spend much time questioning this state of the human condition. Most people think, “Yeah, I hear that voice inside me. That is me.”

But is it?

If that voice is really you, how is it that you’re noticing it? 

If your thoughts are no different than a song stuck your head, how can that be you, in any concrete sense?

A thought can’t possibly be you, by virtue of the fact that you’re noticing it. If you pay attention carefully, you’ll see that a thought is just a thought. It doesn’t define you. 

If you imagine a pink elephant, do you become one? Of course not. The same goes for any thought that comes up in your mind:  

“I’m never going to succeed at this.” 

“I’m not that smart.” 

“This is going to end badly.” 

These are all pink elephants. 

This is easy to understand, but hard to notice. That’s where meditation comes in.