The Demonic Screams of Climate Change

A reaction to the news of Hurricane Harvey and the California wildfires of 2017. 

For those of us who already believe in the existence of human-caused climate change, because we believe that conclusions about reality should connect to reason and chains of evidence, Hurricane Harvey and the wildfires across the country are a devastating, sad confirmation of what we already knew to be true.

But what is truly sad, and truly devastating, is that those who deny climate change will continue to do so despite its deadly evidence literally arriving at their doorstep. No doubt there are some number of people in Texas who saw their homes swallowed up by flood waters, but whose minds are still unconvinced that climate scientists, all 97% of them, are telling the truth. And no doubt there are even some number people in the Western United States, in Oregon, California and Colorado, who are literally choking on the ashen evidence of global warming, but who cannot bring themselves to abandon their ideological tribalism and join the rest of humanity in acknowledging the gravest threat our species has ever faced.

Who will change their minds, if the demonic screams of climate change itself cannot do so?

We have summoned Satan's wrath, only this time there is no Angel of Darkness, only the reality of the physical universe: starker and colder than any magical being ever conjured up by the imagination. Fight as we may, physical reality will storm into our homes, and take no prisoners. 

Only reason, science, and love, which are the real guardians of Humanity, can save us now.