Hillary Clinton Is The Only grownup In the Room

We are witnessing a presidential campaign that rivals any reality TV show. And the star is—you guessed it—Donald Trump. Not Clinton, not Bernie.

The sleaze that oozes from Trump’s orifices is unlike any presidential candidate in history. The off-the-cuff racism. The insults to the press. The bombastic, incoherent speeches. And bizarrely, at every turn his idiotic statements help his campaign. With every drop of geriatric drool that dribbles down his chin, his supporters like him even more.  

Few activists in the Bernie camp seem to appreciate how unprecedented Trump is, and how likely his presidency is to send civilization in a terrible direction. Trump seems to be winging it at every moment, fully demonstrating—and even proud of—how ignorant he is of world issues. This is a man who is not only prone to vacuous, inflammatory, and unpresidential speech, but who clearly is the most unqualified presidential candidate in recent history to make it this far. He is a child reaching for the steering wheel.

Whatever your reservations are about Hillary Clinton, you can’t say that she doesn’t understand what’s going on in the world, or that she is unintelligent. Yes, she is a liar and an opportunist. And of course she won’t change the system. But she also seems to be the only candidate who knows what she's doing. 

Of course, it’s possible that Trump’s campaign is partially an act. He may turn out to be less racist and more liberal than he appears. He may become centrist and status quo once in office. But what’s certain is that he is not insightful, interesting, or the least bit presidential. People who value intelligence and wisdom do not speak the way Trump does.

During the presidential campaign we often forget the president’s job description: Be the most powerful leader on Earth. In the current age, the President of the United States is faced with herculean tasks: Keep our fragile economic system in balance, prevent environmental disaster and pandemic disease, strategize in the war on terror, and keep the peace well enough on the world stage in order to prevent World War III. Just imagine yourself as a fresh-faced rookie president: The moment you sit down in that oval office, your staff hands you a stack of manila folders containing classified information that has immense global consequence. This is something you can’t screw up. 

So to whom shall we entrust the fate of civilization going forward? We may never have a person as authentic as Bernie Sanders at the helm. But at the very least we need someone who knows what the hell they’re doing. 

That person, among the candidates left standing, is Hillary Clinton.