Callister Quotes 

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On gun violence 

“Both conservatives and liberals display common misunderstandings about gun violence. Emotions rage on all sides — which is precisely why objective, data-driven solutions are our best hope.”

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On Colin Kaepernick

“They concluded 10 quarterbacks were worse than him, seven were on par, and 15 were better. Certainly this qualifies a man for a post in America's beloved sport of sweat and fury.”


On the EPA's Scott Pruitt

"This is clearly a man for whom being a rational human being is not a priority."

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On giving guns to homeless people

"The fact that he suggests such a silly idea reveals him to be either dishonest or a fairly shallow thinker."

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On UFO sightings

"Contemplating UFOs can be fun. But those of us truly concerned about potential threats to the human species should point our concerns toward real problems like climate changenuclear war, or bioterrorism. These are the science fiction stories that could actually come true."

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On Morrissey

"If Morrissey's aim was to set the record straight with a sober, cogent explication of his politics, then he failed miserably. The interview on his website, published in gold cartoonish font, wanders from topic to topic, and is sprinkled with factual inaccuracies. Whatever Moz intended to convey, it was, as usual, muddled, factually questionable, and potentially offensive."